LDA GmbH - About us

Our Philosophy

The field of Philosophy is ancient. Philosophy is the love, the study and the ambition for wisdom, or the knowledge of things and their reason, theoretical or practical.

All we know about science comes from philosophy. For a long time philosophy was an area of expertise, which was taught in halls of study and the intellectual, and was exceedingly kept back from the common people.

Our goal is, to involve our customers in to the knowledge of the product-area and to pass on the theoretical and practical experiences and how to use our products.

For solutions using our equipment, we not only use our scientific education, we also use creative thinking. We stay ahead in the market of new developments. It is important to face new challenges and to grow with knowledge.

To achieve these high aims, we keep our internal communication on a high level and would like to expand this to our customers.

The coherence of the group depends on its mutual ethical thoughts and the outcome of this is the strength, which influences the environment. A group is only as efficient, as the individual member is able to manage his tasks and responsibilities.

It is the aim of the organisation to start something and keep it moving. The bigger the group, the more can be initiated and kept. The common denominator for a group has the same purpose amongst its members.

This is essential not only for our company, but also for the cooperation with our customers and suppliers, which are groups by themselves.

We like to help other people and companies to create a better environment and positive future for this world.

To achieve these aims, no matter how small or big the attempts are, it is essential that aim, purpose and activities are coordinated and organised.

On this base we would like to work with you together, which is why our service doesn’t stop, after we have sold the product. We believe, that a cooperation brings the biggest success for both sides and often starts, when the product is in use.

We are very interested to hear from you and work together with you!